Products & Services

We will not dilute our efforts by having competing lines, nor will we distract our focus by adding product lines in the retail or hardware markets. By having quality lines that work well together, we continue to increase our reputation as well as the reputation of the products we offer. We make sure each customer knows what products and services we offer.

BTC also has the ability and the desire to stock manufactured products. This provides a great service and benefit that many of our competitors do not offer. As a stocking representative, your product has a local inventory that gives the customer instant access. By having your product on-hand it gives us the opportunity to learn a great deal about it through actual hands-on investigation. Stocking product allows us immediate access to samples when needed. We are located just west of the Metro-Milwaukee area, giving us immediate accessibility to Madison, Milwaukee and the rest of our territory.

We will exercise both pre-sale and post-sale support. Pre-sale support includes timely response to requests for information and keeping the customer informed of current product updates and job quotations. During the sale, BTC will make sure each order is expedited and the customer informed of its status. Post-sale support includes follow-up calls as well as the plumbing knowledge to help with installation and other obstacles that may occur. We also understand that there will be problems from time to time. We have created an action report to deal with complaints in a timely and orderly fashion.

Besides the Manufactured product, BTC will be selling the knowledge and service of our sales and support staff. We have the experience to know what the end-user is looking for and what will work in a particular situation. BTC will insist on knowing how the product works, its advantages and how it fits into the plumbing industry. By knowing the product information in advance, we can handle most situations. We are in the answer business, and with our experience and knowledge of a product we can likely anticipate the question as well as give a confident and direct answer.